BC Ferries CEO David Hahn Jumps Ship

It’s true. Just announced, David Hahn is stepping aside as of December 31, 2011. Sad news for Bill Good and CKNW. They had quite a “tight” relationship. Those hard sells to the public always went straight onto CKNW. They will sadly miss him no doubt.

The question is will you miss him? I think of Mr. Hahn as being Gordon Campbell’s guy. Christy Clarke in the past actually publicly criticized the BC Ferries advertising in Rogers Arena. Face it, right now is the worst time for David Hahn. People are asking about those ads and certainly more fare increases are on the way. It’s getting to be a hard job and he knows the best days are behind him.

I guess the question is, did he do a good job? He was brought in as a stud and the salary was justified by Campbell and others. Remember you have to pay to get those top executives? I personally think he should not be commended. It’s always the same excuse. High fuel costs means we have to keep on raising the rates. Well, if you’re a CEO shouldn’t you be planning well enough in advance to stem the impact of fuel? It’s no secret and hasn’t been one. Fuel got expensive, so how did he deal with it? Offloading is what I saw and still see. Vehicle traffic was down right this summer? Yes, blame the US economy and weak dollar. Why didn’t anyone look at the walk on numbers? Those dropped the same amount? Or did those increase which might indicate people are sick of paying huge money to take their cars?